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Career Problem

Smart Solutions For the Career Problems

A well-paid job is a mandatory requirement that modern life puts forward in front of a person. Only having a good regular income can you not worry about the future and fully support yourself and your family. To build a successful career, we need not so much professional skills as a certain level of luck. And it can be achieved with the help of special plots that facilitate the advancement of the labor achievements.

Conspiracy to pay rise

Discontent with the level of payment is typical for most people. Diligent work, in the opinion of many bosses, is not a sufficient reason for raising the rate or writing out bonuses. Correct the situation is capable of conspiracy to increase wages.

You will need:

  • three bills of different denominations;
  • needle;
  • pencil.

It is necessary to allocate five to ten minutes, during which no one can interfere with the implementation of magical actions. It should be laid out in front of a bill and imagine how their number increases monthly. It is important to feel the joy and contentment that will accompany the growth of income. It is necessary to write on each money the desired amount of wages, then gently pierce all bills with a needle.

The ritual ends with a conspiracy:

A few seconds after pronouncing the words, you just need to sit in silence. Plotted bills should be divided: the first one should be hidden in his workplace, the second one put in the wallet, the third one should be placed under the rug at the front door of the house. The rite will work after three months. During this time, there may be an increase in the responsibilities that will entrust the conjurer: this is a good sign indicating the beginning of the restructuring of the person’s financial matrix. Gradually, the level of workload will begin to decline, and wages, by contrast, will increase to the desired amount.

A conspiracy to get a raise

Long-term work in the same company implies the employee’s hopes for career growth. But often ambitions remain unfulfilled. If for any reason the desired position is out of reach, you can read the special promotion plot. The ritual is performed exclusively in the workplace.

For him we need:
paper clip;
green thread;

It is necessary to make sure that none of the colleagues will not interfere with the ceremony. The spell is pronounced either out loud or mentally, it does not play a special role. After the pronunciation of the plot, you need to hang the clip on the thread and hide it in your desk or in work items. The rite will work for two weeks, if only the company has a position to which you can raise an employee. Otherwise, you will have to wait: for example, someone will be fired or a new branch will be opened, and the candidate will be offered a more interesting and highly paid place.

Achieve mutual understanding with the authorities by using a simple rite. It is necessary to prepare such items:

  • own snapshot;
  • paper;
  • small mirror;
  • pencil;

The ritual is performed at home. You need to put the photo "face" up and cover it with a sheet of paper. It should write those positive features that seem most important in the eyes of the boss. For example, a director may appreciate employees lingering after work.

Conspiracy on good relationships with colleagues

Friends with colleagues are not necessarily interesting, but always useful. The buddy's shoulder is useful in many situations, for example, when you need to hide a lateness, help with the completion of the project, suggest the contacts of the right person, If you naturally couldn’t have a good relationship with the team, you should turn to magic techniques.

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