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How i get my ex love back

Your Spiritual Option to Bring Your Ex Lover Back

Unrequited feelings are not only the prerogative of the beautiful half of humanity. Often, many men face it. They are no less worried: the stronger sex is ready to go to any lengths in order to return the beloved girl if she went to another guy or lost her ardor. Do now have to do it forever?

Strong rituals: how to win the heart of your beloved?

Specialists in working with magic know many methods of returning the former girlfriend and restoring the old relationship. But remember: resorting to a love spell or a similar rite, you run big risks, awakening the powerful energy of higher powers.

Before you implement a potent tool, honestly answer the question of whether you really want to conquer the chosen one, or is it a game of wounded pride. If you have any doubts, stop: the power of the love spell is limitless and it is quite difficult to remove it. It is likely that you will experience feelings of guilt or remorse: a month later a new love may come, and the idea of returning the former girl will no longer seem the same as before.

Making a love spell on the photo: preparation for the ceremony

Love spell by photo is a strong and effective ritual that will help to return the former relationship. First, get the image of the chosen one in good quality, where your eyes will be clearly visible. You will also need a glass of clean water and candles.

Powerful rite of passage with photography

How to return a girl

In one hand, take a photo of the chosen one, in the other, a paper with written text. Stand in the room facing the window and clearly pronounce the words, imagining a girl. Then turn over the right shoulder and do it again, then turn around to the left and repeat the procedure. Take your favorite photo away, so that no one can find it. This ritual is very strong and will help you bring peace and harmony back to relationships.

Love spell by photo with the use of strands of darling's hair

Ritual, allowing to achieve the maximum effect, will help to return the girl and again to achieve her location. For the love spell you need a photo of your beloved, a piece of wax and curls yours and her. Melt the material and mold two pupae out of it, vdent natural strands instead of hair.

White magic rite with water

At night, at midnight, put a glass of clean water in the headboard and make a conspiracy against her: “Soak up the senses, give the girlfriend your favorite. Give old happiness. Amen". After saying the phrase three times, go to bed, and in the morning drink some liquid from a glass. Pour the other part on the chosen one under any pretext.

Return rites with conspiracy fluid

Failure on a personal front does not want anyone. To return your favorite, try using non-standard methods of returning the former. Using red wine, symbolizing passion and a burning fire of feelings, will help you in this. Carry out the ritual is very simple: you need to start a drink, and then treat them to the ex-girlfriend. The disadvantage of such a love spell is that another person may drink the liquid by mistake, so be careful when you present a glass of wine to your beloved.

Personal gift-lining for your beloved: does it work?

Many men are interested in whether the ritual works with the transfer of any thing to the lover. I boldly assure you: such methods of returning the former girlfriend work flawlessly. You only need to make a nice present for your beloved one. It is desirable that it was small in size, and a person dear to your heart could always carry it with you: a ring or a soft key chain would be the best option. The more time a bewitched person spends with a gift, the stronger his feelings will become.

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